All I have is my name
It`s the beginning of my claim
I write this on paper
So it will be yours
But there is a price for my name
These pieces of knowledge are not cheap

My past now I must keep
All my memories good and bad
Not throwing them away makes me glad
Being a child with good intentions
Was much better than my inventions

Mid-life crises is where I`m at
I give it that name
Because I`m troubled when I express
The pen is good to me
It helps me explain
Whats locked inside me
Comes out at It`s best

I know where I`m going
I`ve been there before
It`s time to close
With a silent prayer


A struggle at life a daily chore
Hoping to change somehow once more
The way I am is not ok
In my mind I am in the way

The power of action I understand
What I receive is how I perceive
Be patient with me I aim to please

I`m able to love in special ways
Unable to tell you with nothing to say
Freedom of thoughts lets life pass
How it must be to be able to laugh

Time now to get out of myself
And join the race with everyone else
Always remembering the day has an end
Hoping then I owe know amends

Steven Earl Lyons

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