Talk to me now
While I`m setting down
It must be important
For you to be crying

I just found out I might be dying
Please be patient while I start
The drugs and sex played a part
I was in need of guidance and love
I had know where to look but up above

I knew him well and all was right
He`s always had me in his sight
Everything turned dark when I lost my mother
My sister and I clung to each other

My stepfather was sent away
He`s made his bed where he lays
As I grew older I couldn`t adapt
I sought out love through women and booze
I didn`t know what I was about
My choices were made when I was confused

The security I had was all used up
How can I drink from another cup
The disease I have is hepatitis c
It could be fatal
Is what they told me
I`ve said enough it`s time to listen
Son your here you`ve came a long way
Lets join hands and begin to pray

Steven Earl Lyons

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