Walking one morning to clear my mind.
Pausing for a moment to take a view.
The buds have come out and starting a new.
So tiny and small and very green.
It was only then I begin to gleam.

My mind was open to see what was there.
I stayed for a while and begin to stare.
When the birds begin talking.
I started walking.
I came back in a short while
And I still had my smile.

Tending to my business another day.
Once again seeing his hand.
A look out the window to see his plan.
The leaves were out.
And the birds were about.
I feel I`m a part.
Of another new start.


With new people coming in each day
I often wonder where they will stay
To build a house in this land
Makes every one have a plan

I often wonder what they are saying
They talk and laugh
As if they are playing

I see them now in a different way
They act as to be in church every day
There greeting each other with hand shakes
And leave one another as they take

There`s room for all in this country
We welcome them all in the abundance
I`m proud to be in this country
Knowing what is Gods is also mine

Steve Earl Lyons Sr.

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