If your looking for answers
Don`t be so quick
Open your mind
And you might get fixed
Slow to come stay for awhile
Feel the love my wonderful child
Don`t leave just yet
You might regret
This hour of innocents
Has now began
Stay in your place
And hear the plan
The answer you seek
Will come in time
You`ll be granted the key
To ease your mind
Be honest with me
For I already know
Talk to someone and let it go
The excitement that comes
When you feel the love
Don`t let it scare you
It`s from up above
Let go of the old
Put in the new
Let me work
With all of you


The day has come
The end has ended
That final day he did commend
He gave hope
As to where he was from

His names were many
While here on earth
His first one came at birth

Gifts were brought
from the wise
The three taught
Were very surprised

He was well looked after
From the very start
He wanted for nothing
As he came apart

A teacher he was
While in his body
It`s very simple now
As he works through each other

Steven Earl Lyons

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