This poem I bring to you
With wisdom at it`s best
Still there is room for growth
My day is not over yet

To be brought up in the word
I realize it`s more than a book
It`s the past, present and future
Know matter how hard I look

What a glory it is to be a part
This land and country freedom excels
To enjoy the day for the price was paid
We`re acceptable to life and even hell

Glory I have at this time
How can I make it more than mine
As I look around considering the day
Often remembering it is already made


He was all alone he came to me
He was lost and had no family
Scared, tired and very hungry
He didn`t know if he could trust me

As he looked at me wanting help
I saw him and there was know one else
As he begged me for something to eat
I gave him a biscuit
And he thought it was a treat

His tail begin to wag
And I started to brag
I told him he was a good boy
He was happy to hear my voice

More to eat came quickly
He was starting to get sleepy
I gave him a pat on his head
I left him there
And he made his bed

Steven Earl Lyons

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