A man once came but now is gone.
He said he would be back and wouldn`t be long.
On the third day he did rise.
He is now waiting to our surprise.

We look for him through others eyes.
For he is out there in the skies.
His days are bright but some are dreary.
It`s just for a while we have to be weary.

He gave us a promise that he can keep.
His door is always open so we won`t weep.
What we must do is all spelled out.
In very big words and also by mouth.

This day was short by a bit of us all.
My turn is over now you watch for a while.
We take this time to be very brave.
So that we might have another day.


Hide yourself well
You won`t have to tell
Dress yourself up
Get your hair cut
Join a club
Go to the pub
Go to church
In spite of yourself
Do what it takes
Stay in control
Sweat and wonder
Who should know
If you don`t tell
Then live in hell
Break the chain
There`s something to gain
Write it down
I`ll be around
He can set you free
Place you with me
Because you see
I`m longing to be
With someone
In this world
That was
Just like me

Steven Earl Lyons

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